A back-end web developer is responsible for server-side web application logic and integration of the work the mobile developer does. The back-end developer usually has the task of writing the web services and APIs used by the mobile application developer. It may limit you from some options connected with hardware functionality like notifications, camera, GPS, and more.

Businesses use Sencha for creating universal, performant apps that enhance the capacity of a mobile web browser. The high-performing UI components of Sencha are designed to run on multiple mobile web browsers from Google Chrome on Android to the Kindle Fire web browser. A cross-platform API granting access to native features and functionalities like navigation bars, menus, geolocation, accelerometer, etc.

React Native is an open-source, cross-platform app development framework released by Facebook in 2015. Born as a product of an internal hackathon held in 2013, it has soon become one of the most popular alternatives to native development. As of February 2022, it has gathered over 101k GitHub stars and 2288 GitHub contributors. In the 2021 Stack Overflow Survey, 16.48% of professional developers chose React Native as the framework they’ve used most extensively recently, making it the fifth most popular non-web framework. In practice, the ever-growing community recognition is what makes it relatively easy to find a reliable and knowledgeable developer team to kick off your React Native project.


Here in this blog, we have summarized some key points to create a successful cross-platform mobile application to help you out in this process. Cross-platform development allows engineers to work more with the tools and languages that they are familiar with. For instance, Cross Platform App Development a Java engineer can develop an app for a platform that usually requires Swift development. Now companies can leverage whatever internal engineers they already have to develop apps for a variety of platforms, helping to cut costs and reach a broader market.

The ‘one-of-a-kind technology’ embedded in cross-platform allows the developers to code once to create the foundations for the app to run effectively on various platforms. Developers use different programming languages to develop cross-platform applications. Yes, The NineHertz provides cost-effective cross platform web app development solutions.

Cross-Platform App Development

This can give you an idea of the quality that comes from this tool. So if you’re familiar with Xcode and Objective-C, you’ll want to use Cocos2d-Swift. Mobile Apps For Events Create mobile experiences your attendees will love. Industry Solutions Ecommerce App Turn your Shopify store into an app to increase sales.

Faster Development

We at Webkul believe in working with the latest technologies in our mobile app development. We put out the best efforts to provide the customer with seamless applications. Our cross-platform applications are built-in using languages like React JS and Dart which commands actively for the best performance. From e-commerce to m-commerce we are very concerned and know very well that how we can take advantage of the app development.

Cross-Platform App Development

React Native is a Facebook-created, open-source, lightweight, fast, robust cross-platform development tool that developers use to produce mobile applications for Android, iOS, Web, and UWP. The primary advantage of using React Native is the ability to allow cross-platform mobile apps to have native platform capabilities. There are various best practices and toolkits, SDKs, platforms, and frameworks that can be utilized in the process of engineering powerful cross-platform mobile applications. This list of recommended tools includes known mobile development hybrid app frameworks such as Adobe PhoneGap and other typical mobile app frameworks such as Xamarin. Given the benefits of a hybrid approach, enterprises have started to opt for hybrid app development services. The hybrid app development approach allows developers to build mobile apps compatible with various platforms.

Maintenance And How To Produce Updates For Your Apps

If you’re a business enterprise who would like more information on how to develop apps with ease, consider using Alpha Anywhere software. It’s a leading cross-platform mobile app development platform with built-in features to speed development of high quality mobile apps. The software builds mobile apps with data integration, GPS, rich media capture and offline capability. These are low-code development tools that quickly build business apps using a single code base, and put apps in native device wrappers for the developer. Titaniumuses JavaScript and also requires XML to create custom UI and APIs from Appcelerator to generate common code. Developers have a choice to choose Native or cross platform development tools as the service utilizes existing web technologies and works best within a web service.

If you don’t need specialized developers who can code for each platform, you can better leverage the development team. You’ll streamline their work and reduce redundant development or requirements gathering and testing tasks. By reusing the same code across diverse platforms, popular cross-platform solutions reduce development hours. App updates are also faster and easier because you only update one codebase. The fastest way for developers and non-developers to build smartphone apps for data collection.

  • Cross-platform development is the creation of high-performing mobile apps or web apps that are compatible with multiple mobile operating systems, including iOS and Android devices.
  • Two major Chinese enterprises Tencent and Alibaba Group for their app development projects.
  • You’ll also need to consider web apps, as this falls into the cross platform category as well.
  • If you’re thinking about developing a cross-platform app, then check out our step-by-step guide below.
  • Moreover, thanks to constant technical progress, they have reached the same level of quality as native applications, but at a significantly reduced development cost.
  • While these can be preferred for complex B2C apps, they generally take longer to develop, are more expensive to create, and require experienced developers with knowledge of various coding languages.

Cross-Platform mobile app development can be done using Kotlin, Swift, and Java as the programming languages. Top cross platform app development companies also utilize React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, Corona, and Ionic as tools to help them in their Cross-Platform Development. If your app is developed specifically https://globalcloudteam.com/ for iOS and Android devices, only limited users will be able to access it. On the other hand, cross-platform mobile development enables app owners to launch the same app on multiple platforms, enhancing the user base and market reach. Rapid mobile app development – developers use code-free programming tools.

It is hard to sync the various development projects while developing multiple apps. Cross-platform mobile development tools allow developers and designers to build a uniform user experience that app users can enjoy. In my list of top 7 cross-platform mobile development tools, you can find a tool that can manage all of your mobile app development needs. This isn’t always easy to choose the best development tool because of so many options available on the market. So refer to my list of top cross-platform app development tools to build your mobile app. Cross-platform app development has emerged as the unrivaled choice on a global pace for companies in advanced technology.

One of the most enticing features of Flutter is hot reload.Any changes made to the code can be seen in real-time by the developers thanks to the hot reload. So if you’re making the icon one size larger or want to colour the button one shade lighter, you don’t have to reload the entire app to see the changes reflected. With hot reload, you can see every single change you make take shape right in front of your eyes in real time. As of December 2021, there are over 90,000 Flutter apps on Google Play Store, up from 50,000 in 2020. That’s a massive jump and goes on to show just how popular Flutter is in 2022. Based on a survey by Statista, 42% of developers world-over use Flutter for app development.

Mobile App

The software companies in the markets render innumerable ways to develop an application for mobile phones. The Nielsen Company used Sencha to build its web-based reporting platform. It provides flexible on-the-fly processing to generate insights from consumer data. From US approached our team to design app using flutter for both iOS and android. Instagram started using React Native in their existing native app.

Cross-Platform App Development

If you’re a developer that likes to have lots of different options for your programming language, you should consider using Alpha Anywhereto develop on multiple platforms. They don’t have a complicated interface like some of the other development tools I’ve seen. If you’re about to start working on your revolutionary product, React Native and Flutter aren’t the only solutions out there. An alternative framework that may prove just right for your business this year is Xamarin. This open-source framework was created in 2011 – which makes it the oldest one on this list – but it hadn’t gained momentum until five years later, when it was acquired by Microsoft. As of today, it boasts a community of over 60 thousand contributors.

Enterprise Apps

The Project manager will be given the responsibility to supervise the development process and makes sure the deliverables are according to the client’s requirements. The next is the developer who codes the entire product for the client. Once the development process is completed, The Quality Analyst checks the output is as same as it was promised. Lastly, the Server administrator, who deploys the final product to the server and makes sure it run well.

While developing in each platform’s native tooling does give you the advantage of being closer to the platform, it comes with a cost. The list of tools for cross-platform development is ok, but I would also like to add Flutter and Cordova to the most popular cross-platform development tools. Native mobile development has its advantages, however, cross-platform applications also have their strong sides.

These UI components are like Lego blocks that allow easy customisation and Native performance. With high code reusability, Flutter enables developers to deploy their apps on multiple platforms in record time helping business owners get to market faster and save as much as 50% of the cost. This is another open-source, cross-platform framework that seamlessly creates native interfaces for Android and iOS. This framework is perfect for startups building a minimum viable product .

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Cross platform app development makes things much easier for developers, that way you won’t have to go through the same process twice on two separate platforms. When it comes to the use cases, Xamarin hasn’t managed to attract the attention of brands as popular as those mentioned above. Nonetheless, enterprises worldwide use Xamarin to build mobile applications. In creating a mobile application, you need to keep in mind two essential things. You must make sure to monitor the loading speed of your mobile application, as well as the application functionalities.

On Demand Solutions

We provide genuine and flexible costs for cross-platform mobile applications as no charges are included for different platforms. In terms of cross-platform app development technology, it allows creating reliable, smooth-running, beautiful looking applications able to address the business challenges of companies of any size. If you are OK with not having the fastest performance, without native UI/UX and application on the market, creating such a solution is certainly worth it. Each approach is the best for the purpose it was initially created for. Native applications cannot be outrun in terms of performance, but building them requires more time and effort . Cross-platform apps may not have the same performance speed and reach as native apps, yet they are up to 40% quicker and cheaper to release.

We’re the proud Cross-platform app development partner of leading companies across the globe. If you have enough resources to invest in two different developers working for the two different platforms respectively, then also going with Native apps would be the best thing to do. React and React Native frameworkshad to re-write the entire codes for their Messenger application once again only to achieve more power with a React native application.

I like Xamarin because of the features for monitoring your app’s performance and the ability to run tests. You can do testing on over 1,000 devices to help sort out any potential bugs. When it comes to GPS and GIS for your mobile app, Alpha Anywhere has what you need to integrate these features into your app. You can also test your app on various devices, even if you don’t own those specific devices. Their software allows you to see how the app will perform on various smartphones and tablets. After the coding is complete, there is a seamless export process to various platforms.

Custom Web Application Development Services Learn more about the benefits a custom web application brings to your business, and get insight into a custom web development process. The solution is very attractive due to the fact that most Android development is already carried out on Kotlin, and in terms of its syntax, the language is very similar to Swift. Don’t expect any team to be able to move quickly to work with KMP. I appreciate the regular almost daily updates of what is being worked on, and communicating changes or updates is easy through this system. Mobikul’s response timeframe is quick, and the developers accomplish tasks in a very reasonable timeframe. They also respond to questions, concerns, and any bugs very quickly.

We’ll take you through everything you need to know, from choosing the right development tool to testing your app on all devices. Official support from Microsoft to this day is also one of the benefits of this solution. Thanks to the versatility, the cost of development for product launch and further support can be significantly reduced. Cross-platform apps do an excellent job of developing games and test cases. Modern games are created overwhelmingly on cross-platform technologies, which greatly speeds up development without sacrificing quality since special graphics frameworks are used. Understand the stages in mobile app development – from strategy, identifying the target audience, to app release and its ongoing support.

What is more, basic knowledge of standard languages is sufficient — development tools will do the rest of the work. The drawback is that a native app is not compatible with other platforms. To reach wider audiences, you would need to develop several solutions , which is time-consuming and cost-intensive. Hybrid applications have a native look and feel due to the combination of native code with independent code that’s suitable for multiple platforms. Developers write the code once and then reuse it, thus making it possible to release a product quickly. The answer to this query is highly tailored to the company’s demands and project specifications.


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